remote garage door openers

5 year parts and labour warranty on Rollamatic garage door motors. Consumables (batteries fuses globes etc.) are not covered. Warranty subject to an annual garage door service by Rollamatic.

Remote Garage Door Openers

Automate your existing sectional or tilt garage door with the Rollamatic SQ80

Installed with 5 year warranty

Call Rollamatic and have yours installed today.

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240v power and suitable garage construction is required

Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah and surrounding suburbs only

Please feel free to compare our garage door openers to the competition. Listed below are some of the important features to look for with your remote automatic door opener.

Ultra quiet operation

We have no complaints of this opener being noisy, in fact you can hardly hear it operating, it’s whisper quiet operation, has been designed to be the quietest automatic garage door opener available.

Powerful 800Nm garage door opener

This garage door opener is not a 650Nm product sold by our competitors. The SQ80 has an 800Nm motor and is suitable for doors up to 15.5 m2. If that’s not enough we have a Rollamatic SQ100 (1000Nm option) for doors up to 21m2

Soft Start/Soft Stop

Unlike most openers the SQ 80 has a slow start up speed. This helps the door track correctly at the most vital time during the garage door opening process . It also slows right down to close the top garage door panel into place. This feature is vital to prevent stress on the garage door, door hardware and the opener.

Enclosed C-rail drive mechanism

Rollamatic’s unique enclosed C-rail drive mechanism keeps the operation safe and away from corrosion. Other manufactures use an open chain system. This can be noisy, dangerous and needs constant service.

Battery backup

All Rollamatic remote automatice openers have battery backup terminals. The battery if installed, (available from Rollamatic) will trickle charge and takes over in a power cut.


Our openers use rolling code technology. Its high Q value provides extremely high security and stability. The C-rail also has a unique self locking feature, to lock the door, while in manual mode.

Remote Controls

The unit has 2 x 4 button remote key ring type handsets as standard. Extra handsets or a wireless wall button are available upon request.

remote controlled garage door openers
  • Replacement For Merlin, Guardian, Centurion, Glidamatic, Gliderol, ATA, B&D, Avanti, Boss, Securalift, Superlift, Seip, Gryphon, Marantec, Steel-line, Dominator   etc.
  • Ultra Quiet & Powerful Operation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • LED Courtesy Light
  • Secure Rolling Code Technology
  • Auto Obstacle Reversing
  • Battery Backup Connections
  • Friendly after sales support
  • Belt or Chain Drive

Before installation

After installation

We have a full range of remote controlled garage door openers available however with many years and many installations experience, we have developed and recommend our own remote garage door automatic opener.

We have tried lots of different brands, some noisy but reliable, som quiet but unreliable, some taking over 300mm of useful vertical height from the garage but none are quite like ours.

Our range of remote garage door auto openers, are the most reliable and have the quietest operation available. Built using the latest technology and using only around 100mm of vertical space, the Rollamatic SQ range have it all and more. The remote garge door opener is very powerful 800 or 1000 N.m, (depending on door size). Plugged in to 240V and then stepped down to 24V DC. This ensures the motor is extremely quiet and economical in operation. The speed of the motor is controlled by the micro processor, giving slow start and slow stop. This not only looks more professional but takes the sudden impact away from the door that can cause reliability issues with the door operation. As the motor operates from 24V DC, a battery backup upgrade is also available. This is very useful in the case of power cuts as the door will still operate.

We believe this is the best remote automatic garage door opener available in Australia and yet it costs no more than the others